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Playtime Series with Ananiec

by jane phamon February 16, 2017
‘New’ Nosferatu Dress, Front Bra Brace Harness, Brace Cuffs
Mina Top, Maria Dress, Front Brace Harness, Arm Bands (coming soon!)
Sally Dress with adjustable lace up corset for front or back, Wrist cuffs, Arm Bands (coming soon!), Thigh Brace, Tequila Platforms, two pairs of 3 Strap Shoe Harnesses (sold individually)
Mina Top, Brace Belt (coming soon!), Wrist/Arm Cuff, Band cuffs (coming soon!), Lady Choker, Diamond Swim Bottoms (coming soon!), Thigh Brace
Front Bra Brace Harness, Band cuffs (coming soon!), Collar Choker, Wrist/Arm Cuff, Thigh Girdle, Knee Band, Studded Leg Band (coming soon!), Tequila Platforms
Photos by Deanna Richmond
Styling by DEANDRI (Chantelle Sawyer & Deanna Richmond)
Makeup by Jane Pham

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